Joulvert Stealth lithium ion battery pack

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Battery for Joulvert Stealth E-bike.

Optional for Stealth 2018 or newer.

Samsung or LG cells, 36 Volt, 11amp.

LG cells, 48v, 9amp.

if you are buying a boosted 48v bur previously had 36v battery, you will also need to change your charger to 48v. Never plug a 48v charger to a 36v battery, it can cause a fire. 

If you would like to upgrade your 36v charge to 48v when buying a new battery please write us and we can offer a buy back for your old charger ( if still in working condition without damages). 

Battery includes new key cylinder + 2 keys.

Batteries are ordered directly from Factory per request as we only provide them fresh to our customers, never more than 2 month old which is also the lead time so take in account when placing the order that it will take ~ 45 days to be delivered.