Tips For Getting Your Bike Playa Ready


If you put your Joulvert Playa Bike into storage after the 2023 festival and intend to use it for this year, you must check the operational status of the battery as a priority.

Lithium-ion batteries must not be left without charge for prolonged periods of time, leaving a battery dormant for over three months can cause irreversible damage to the cells due to excessive sulfation.

Lithium-ion batteries have an operational life of c. 2 years or c. 500 charging cycles if cared for properly.  If your battery is in excess of either limit, it is highly advisable to replace the battery for the continued safe operation of your Joulvert Playa Bike.

How To Test Your Joulvert Playa Bike Is Operational

  1. Remove your battery from the bike frame, connect the paired charger (i.e., the exact charger for that bike model), after a few moments the charger light should turn red

    Note: If the charging light on the charging unit does not turn red, the battery is damaged and must be replaced.
  2. Monitor the battery charging cycle entirely through the first charge post-storage as a safety precaution.
  3. Once the charging indication light on the charging unit turns green, place the battery back on your bike, then test ride for 10-15 minutes to confirm the full operation.

    Important – Turning the display on while the battery is on the bike is not an accurate indication of battery health, it might power the display but not actually hold charge.

    Replacement batteries can be ordered from our website, if you do not see the battery for your Joulvert Playa Model please reach out to the support team at for assistance.

    Lots of love,