Journey 2021

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    • 25+ MPH

    • 30 Miles

    • 36V 13A

    • Foldable

    • Durable Frame

    • Fat Wheels

    Our new and improved Journey is here! With a stronger battery, fatter wheels, and more durable frame, the 2021 Journey is here for the win. Lightweight, foldable electric bicycle, equipped with a second passenger seat. Best suited for commuting and everyday use.

    • Speed: 25+ MPH.

    • Range: 30 Miles.

    • Battery: 36V 13A

    • Weight Capacity: 100lbs.

    • Tire Size: 20" x 3" heavy-duty knobby off-road tires thorn resistant.

    • Colors: Matte black.

    • Security: Key Locked On/Off Switch & Key Locked Battery Pack.

    • Extras: Built-in headlights. Rear LED Light Included (System Operated built in with motion sensor). Built-in horn with headlight.

    • Upgrade Options:

      • 48V 15A Battery
      • 48V 26A Battery
      • Second Passenger Seat
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