Easy and green.

  • You can decide the amount of effort you want to put in per ride. You can always afford arriving breathing heavily or sweating. The Pedal Assist system feels the amount of energy you put in and respond to it. You can adjust the level of motor response in the lcd display. 1 is exercise mode and 5 is lazy mode.
  • Parking? No need to explain.
  • No traffic issue.
  • Go Green!


  • Most of our client's find it the best to pedal on level 2-3 which is an easy pedaling while going 15mph. This way the ebike becomes a real vehicle and you will end up using it more than what you would use a regular bike. No more second thought about running errands or going over the bridge. From Williamsburg to LES is a 7 min ride!
  • Biking improves coordination!
  • You’ll be spending a lot time outdoors in the fresh air and making the most out of your day. Just imagine, if you walk about 5 miles on average day, thats about 2 hours of walking, it will take you 15 minutes on an electric bicycle.


The most economic way to get around after walking. But if time is money for you than ebike is definitely #1 option.