Show room for checking out the bikes and scheduling test rides:                                   Come in for a visit & check out the bikes, ask all questions in person. get a free test ride and see how our awesome electric bike rides and glides 

Bike Repair and maintenance: All your joulvert e bike repair and maintenance needs in our one stop shop. Need anything special on your wishlist to ramp up your joulvert e bike, let us know and we’ll figure it out and have it available for you ASAP.

Spare Parts & Bike Shipping / Logistics: living in the city and can’t get to us...? Living out of state and need help with repairs and spare parts...?  Living abroad and require the same sort of in house assistance, customer care and team work as if you were  physically on location and in the store... make use of our web store and and let us know how we can assist with bike & spare parts purchases as well as shipping (to where ever you may require it) We are here for all those who are part of the Joulvert Family.

Video Call Assistance for quick fix issues as well as bike review for out of area clients.

Accessories to spruce up your joulvert E bike and anything we might not have that you really need, hit us up and let us know we aim to always please.