For Burners, by Burners

The history of Joulvert is synonymous with the Playa, over the past 10 years we have dedicated our design ideology to developing the most optimised electric bikes, capable of conquering the harsh Playa conditions.

Joulvert has established an operational presence in Reno, Nevada, so that we can provide the burner community with convenient fully assembled collection of electric bikes en-route to the Playa. Our professional technicians ensure your electric bike is professionally assembled and quality tested so no unwanted surprises occur when your tires hit dust.

To make your playa experience as seamless as possible we also offer a post-playa annual storage solution assuming you would like to leave your bike until next burn.

For our premium clients like Playa Alchemist, we will be offering exclusive access to our latest unreleased model, The Bison, which will be debuting at this year’s festival with a limited run of only 100 bikes. We will follow-up in due course with an order link, but you can see the preview we already shared in the Premium Playa bikes catalogue.

Please note - All Joulvert Playa Bikes are only available for collection in Reno from 15th-27th of August 2023 or from our LA Pop-up TBA.

Joulvert Reno Pop-Up

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