FAQ's- Bike operation and regulations

What do I get with each package? 

The bike is 90-95% assembled depending on model. You will only need to assemble the handle bar, front wheel and pedals as we detached those to reduce shipping size and cost. Please see our instructions and video on how-to's. Total time: 10-15 Minutes. Some of our bikes arrive 100% assembled.

How to turn on full throttle ?

To turn on full throttle PAS mode needs to be on highest mode. On Fat wheel press up ^ arrow on the display to 5 bar when last bar will be flashing. On Playa regular wheel press + 5 times until led light is on high and flashing. This will activate full throttle mode. For headlights: quick press on POWER button.

Do I need a license?

According to federal laws, a bicycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 750 watts of power and able to propel a rider to a speed of up to 20 mph, equipped with fully functioning pedals, is considered to be a bicycle or a consumer good rather than a motor vehicle. Therefore, it is NOT under the jurisdiction of the DOT. Although electric bicycles law in different states may vary a bit, you can generally operate electric bikes without a license, and in most cases ride them anywhere regular bicycles are allowed.

Do I need any protection?

Always ride a helmet and appropriate bike protection as well check tires and breaks before riding. Be safe and follow local laws for speed limits.

How does shipping work?

We ship directly to your home or you can come pick it up at our local NYC location. Please note you cannot travel on the airplane with lithium batteries hence if you decide to travel with your bike, you will have to mail the battery separately. For BM orders we provide a local Reno location where you can pick/drop off your bike and we will manage the rest for you. Please contact us for further details. 

What is your refund policy?

We would like to make sure you are happy and would appreciated all questions be asked prior to purchase. We also test each bike before shipping. However if the bike fails to make you fall in love and was not used you can ship it back to us for a refund or replacement. Our restocking fee is 20% or free if bike arrives damaged.  Please note we do not sell second hand or used bikes. 

What kind of warranty Joulvert offer?

  • Warranty plans are very from item to item. Our basic warranty plan is for 30 days. Extension plans are available up to 1 year for bikes and 6 months for scooters. Check out our Terms & Conditions page for more info.
  • Changing the way you bike: Timeless.

I bought the bike with the basic warranty plan, can I extended the warranty period after purchase? 

The warranty period can be extended up to 1 year for bikes and 6 months fro scooters. Please note that thw period can be extended only within the first 30 days of purchase. After that, the warranty cannot be extended. 

Does my Joulvert need servicing?

Very basic and can be done at any bike store or at home. Tighten screws and all removable parts once a month as motor vibrations can sometimes loosen them. Most of our bikes have an odometer and we recommend checking screws and bolts every 250 miles/402km. 

Do I need a special outlet to charge my bike?

Nope. Regular outlets work just fine. Our chargers are universal 110/240v. We recommend using a surge protector if available to prevent any outage. 

How do I maximize battery life?

In order to extend your battery life, we recommend charging & using the battery every 30 days when not actively using it. Finally, while lithium batteries do not need to be charged immediately after a every ride, we recommend charging it when indicator shows less than 3 bars, as lithium batteries perform best when fully charger. If leaving in storage for over 2 months you are running the risk of battery going into sleep mode, it is not always the case but we cannot guarantee the functionality of a battery that was left uncharged. More tips are available in the manual you will receive with your bike.

Is there a weight limit for the bike?

275lbs is the maximum capacity.

Can I customize my bike?

Yes, let us know your thoughts on it and we'll advise on products availability.

What if my bike stops running?

First, check if your battery is charged and lcd/led display is on. If battery is ok, test the pedal assist system, if pedal assist works than most probably the throttle is damaged. 

  • If pedal assist doesn't work, check all electric connectors in the main cable sleeve below the handle bar. 
  • If one of the connectors in the main cable got detached, just reconnect it. The connector have an arrow marking on it, be sure to connect following those arrow to not bend the pins.
  • If all is connected and bike doesn't respond, feel free to email us for help. we can usually sort it out via phone support unless a part is needed. Yet very unlikely, our bikes are built to last with normal use.
More Questions?
No problem! We would be happy to answer them. Email us Support@joulvert.com or tag us on Instagram @Joulvert