The Playa is Yours

After our successful test on the Playa 2015 -2016 - 2017 we introduce you to our Playa desert, Playa Voyager. Playa Hopman and Playa Journey Models.

Explore the playa (black rock) like never before. For the first time you very well might be able to say: I saw it all! We did. And we would never do it any other way again. Even mid day rides are pleasant and cool. We even rode it through a sand storm, no problem but make sure you have full protection gear or be ready to eat a lot of dust!

Few important points:

1) Diameter of the playa is 1.5 miles on the longest point between 3 to 9. Our bikes do easily 30 miles per charge with 1 person load of up to 175lbs, (they can carry up to 280lbs but range will be lower), meaning you can cross the playa easily 20 times before running out of battery. Pretty much you will be good all day and when you rest up, you can charge the bike. Charging takes 4 hours and you good to go on your next trip.

2) Our bike have usb port to charge you phone or other devices, altho there is no reception on the playa, we are sure you want your camera charged.

3) All our bikes come with built-in headlights, tail-lights and a loud horn to warn those playa dreamers that are just walking around ;)

4) With every Playa model, the desert edition or Playa you get a gift bag with special led wire lights to keep your bike shinning from a distance at night, we also included a combination lock so you can lock your bike easily and wont worry about losing the key.

5) Remember its really important to keep the tires fully inflated when riding off-road, its helps the tires to better resist thorns, last thing we need is having a flat tire in mid playa when you have so many things to see. 

6) Keep your charger in safe location so no one will step or kick it by mistake! Remember it might suddenly rain so make sure you are not charging your bike in the rain, unplug the charger when its done charging. 

Shipments to BM Festival

We have a pick up location close to burning man in Sparks/reno, NV. We will be there Aug 23th until Aug 27th. Email us to set up pick up time. Keep the original box so you can repack the bike and send it back to where you need, our boxes are best to minimize risk of damage during delivery . 

Cleaning your ebike after Playa BM festival

Since playa dust has a lot of alkaline (opposite of acidic but just as corrosive), it is important to properly clean your ebike immediately after the festival. The best way to clean it is using vinegar water. Mix water and white vinegar (50/50) in a spray bottle (buy at walmart for $2) and just go all over the bike with a soak cloth, cleaning one part at a time. The motor, controller and batteries are sealed so no worries about these parts. Remember if you are leaving your bike in storage its best to leave battery 50% charged and make sure to charge it for 1-2h every 2-3 month to keep battery life at its best.



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