Hobbee Pulsar - 52V 1000W Heavy Duty Scooter

Regular price $2,750.00

Our new Full Suspension 2021 52V 1000W Hobbee Heavy Duty Scooter 


52V 18Ah battery (58.8V peak, 936Wh)

Fast 52V 3A Charger (6 hours charging time)

40-65 miles range


1000W 52V brushless 

Rear hub motor 


An anti-theft motor wheel locking mechanism 


52V 3 speeds LCD display  

USB port 

Anti-theft alarm system

Blue floor lights  

Front & brake lights 

Anti-slip rubber board 

Folding system and locking handlebar placement

10*3" tires (road/off-road available per selection)  

Front and back disc brakes