Joulvert playa rear seat

Sale price $ 45.00 Regular price $ 55.00


Rear seat for joulvert playa desert and playa journey.

Connects directly on rear rack. 

3 min secure assembly.

 Bike is not included ;)

Joulvert Playa Journey Basket

Sale price $ 40.00 Regular price $ 49.00

Front basket for Joulvert Playa Journey. 

Easy to install and uninstall without any tools, fit for almost all handle bars.

Removable handles makes the basket can be lift off as a shopping basket, convenient to use and carry.


Size: 13" * 9" 


Kryptonite U lock Series 4

Sale price $ 75.00 Regular price $ 95.00

  • 11mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks
  • Patented*, hardened oval crossbar design is stronger than typical round tube
  • Hardened double deadbolt design gives additional protection against twist attacks
  • High security disc-style cylinder
  • Includes new Transit FlexFrame-U transportation system which allows for versatile carrying
  • Protective vinyl coating
  • Sliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder 

Technical Details

Product description

Bicycle security for moderate to high crime areas with a security rating of 7 of out 12.

Joulvert Playa Saddle Bags

Sale price $ 90.00 Regular price $ 100.00

These saddle bags will fit all playa models with welded rear rack.

Ebike rear rack leather bags

Price is for 2 bags.

Joulvert Phone Holder

Sale price $ 25.00 Regular price $ 35.00

Phone Holder by Joulvert. 

Adjustable product for all models, max screen size: 5.6".

Rubber grip and side locks.


Joulvert removable front bag

Regular price $ 30.00

This is our folding removable front bag.

It is suspended with hook from the handlebar and does not require any tools to assembled. It is hung with simple hooks and Velcro straps.


Color: Black or colorful
Material: Metal and Canvas

Expanded size: 11L" x 6.7D" x 11H" inches 

Max weight item can hold: 12 pound.

Package Contents:
1 x Metal rectangle
1 x Folding Canvas basket
2 x velcro for 2 hooks


During August we cannot commit to the color options as we are running out of stock quickly. If you will not want the bag option we have you can receive a full refund for it if not used.



Rear View mirrors

Sale price $ 55.00 Regular price $ 70.00

Rear view mirrors to all Joulvert ebikes.

NY lock Kryptonite

Sale price $ 95.00 Regular price $ 115.55

Playa Alarm Disc Break Lock

Regular price $ 70.00

  • Anti-Theft: Full metal jacket surface sprayed, 6mm pushdown locking pin, professional anti-theft design make your riding partner safe and rest.
  • Automatic Alarm Motor Bike Scooter Alarm: 110dB alarm sound in such a small size lock. Six batteries provide adequate power for our lock which can last over 8 months. The sensitive sensor will be triggered when shocking to warn thief away.
  • Waterproof: The durable aluminum alloy body and sprayed surface perfectly prevent water and rust.
  • Easy to use: Do not need a key to lock. Just press the lock cylinder instead of other complex operation. Two keys are included, one for use and the other for spare. 1 x Allen wrench helps you to change batteries.
  • Applicable place: You can use our alarm disc lock at most garages, parking lots, streets for your motorcycle, electric bike, bicycle and etc.
  • Excellent for the Playa

Blank key - replacement for playa ebike

Regular price $ 12.00

This key is a blank key to duplicate at a local store near you. It will replace all key with the Shan Shan label on them. For playa journey, playa Hopman and desert models. 

Please note you will need to take this key to your local lock smith to make a copy.

If all your keys are lost, then please get a new cylinder that will arrive with 2 new keys. This key by itself will not work if you lost all your ebike keys 

Joulvert Integrated Rear Light

Sale price $ 35.00 Regular price $ 40.00

This rear light attachment will fit model: playa journey, playa desert and playa voyager.

It does not work on JV Stealth and Mercer.

2 AA batteries required.

Kryptonite kryptolock combo grey

Sale price $ 50.00 Regular price $ 70.00

Kryptonite U- lock code/combination lock 

grey color 

security level 6 out of 10. 

Playa Ready Folding Pedals

Sale price $ 40.00 Regular price $ 50.00

folding pedals, fits to all joulvert models. 


Kryptonite keeper combo cable 712

Sale price $ 12.00 Regular price $ 20.00

Kryptonite 120cm x 7mm

Kryptonite kryptolok series 2 mini -7

Sale price $ 50.00 Regular price $ 70.00

Mini u lock